Sorting Data that is both inside and outside a table

I have a single sheet of data.   Some of it is in a table and some of it is not in a table (but on the same rows).   I want to be able to apply a sort that sorts both the data outside the table and the data in the table at the same time.  When I try to select the data outside I can use the Data Sort menu, but as soon as I also select the data in the table, this menu is dimmed out.  This leads me to believe that you can't do this type of sort?
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Patrick MatthewsConnect With a Mentor Commented:

In Excel 2007 you cannot sort a range for which a portion of the range is in a Table and a portion is not.

What you could do is have a macro that converts the Table to a normal range, does the sort, and then recreates the table.  Or, a macro that sorts the table and sorts the portion outside the table separately.

If you can provide more specifics (and preferably a sample file) I or another Expert can offer more targeted advice.

StevenPMoffatAuthor Commented:
Thanks Patrick.   If i determine that I really need to do this to spend the time on a macro, I will.  I just wanted to find out whether you could do  it someway without a macro.
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