Open browser using VBA code

I currently use the code below to open a webpage through VBA code.  Instead of launching IE, I would rather use another browser like Chrome, Firefox or Opera.  I just want anything but IE.  
Thought I would be able to find a quick solution for this, but nothing yet.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

Public Sub fnShowPage()
Dim oIE As Object
Set oIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

oIE.navigate ("")
oIE.MenuBar = True
oIE.StatusBar = False
oIE.Resizable = False
oIE.addressbar = False
oIE.Toolbar = False
oIE.Visible = True

'maximize the IE window
Dim retval As Long
retval = ShowWindow(oIE.hWnd, SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED)

'wait for page to load before filling in the values
Do While oIE.busy
End Sub
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Patrick MatthewsCommented:
If all you need to do is load a web page, this works for firefox:

Shell "c:\progra~1\mozill~1\firefox.exe -new-window", vbMaximizedFocus

For other browsers, just figure out what the command line instructions are.

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As Matthewspatrick points out, you can use Shell to open other browsers, however, you will lose the automation functionality that comes with the InternetExplorer.Application object.

I noticed in your sample that you mention "filling in values" - this alone will be significantly more difficult when using alternate browsers as you're going to have to rely on SendKeys to move between fields, populate fields, and press buttons - troublesome at best, and then there's the added risk of focus being stolen from the browser, and the sendkey events being sent to the wrong place.
DanielAttardAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help matthewspatrick.  Your solution did the trick.

Psy053 - You made a good point about losing the automation functionality that comes with with InternetExplorer.Application object.  Although my code made reference to "filling in values", in actual fact that code relates to something else.  For the present problem, I only needed to open the page and not fill in any values so that solution from matthewspatrick works fine.

Thanks again.
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