MacBook Slow to Open Files Shared on Mac Mini

Hello All,
I'm supporting a two-person office with a Mac Mini as central file storage.

From the iMac, Office 2008 documents stored on the Mini's network share open very quickly. On the MacBook Pro, they open so slowly as to cause the app to stop responding. This happens with all the Office apps they use - Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Office files stored on the MacBook's local drive open quickly. Browsing the Mini's file share from the MacBook is slower than from the iMac, but not unreasonably so.

Both machines are wireless (D-Link DAP-1522 AP). The Mac Mini is wired.

Mac Mini
Intel Core 2 Duo
500 GB drive / 250 free
Snow Leopard (NOT server version)
File share is set to Everyone Read/Write

Intel i3
500 GB drive / 400 free
Snow Leopard

MacBook Pro
Intel Core 2 Duo
250 GB drive / 150 free
Snow Leopard

I've checked and repaired permissions on the Mini and the MacBook, checked for other apps running on the MacBook that might interfere, verified that Office 2008 and OSX on the MacBook is up to date.

Any thoughts about what else to check? Thanks
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schapsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to zero in on the problem by eliminating possibilities -
first thing I would do is a series of tests copying very large files from each computer to and from the server, and document the test results. Browsing a network share does not take near the bandwidth of opening/saving files. First check that you have the latest firmware release for the D-Link ( )

If you can determine that there is something different about the wireless speed you get, but the ethernet connections are fine, you can attempt to determine what's affecting the wireless. You can swap in a different router, you can change router channels, and since that router is selectable dual band, you could switch to 5 Ghz to see if that makes a difference.

If you can determine that the wireless speed is the difference, you can turn on the Mini's wifi and Internet Sharing, and see if the copy speeds are different between the two clients when connected to the Mini via wifi.

Good luck -
Is there any distance difference between the two computers that might reduce the wireless signal strength on the MacBook?

Take the MacBook to the mac mini and plug it in via Ethernet cable to the same router and see if this is any faster.  This will eliminate the wifi as the issue.
simonettAuthor Commented:
There's no difference in distance to the Mac Mini. Everything (wired and wireless clients) is within 6-7 feet of the wireless router as it's a really small office. Will try plugging MacBook directly into router though this weekend.
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simonettAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the guidance schaps. It's greatly appreciated. I'll be at that client site this weekend and will try all of your suggestions to try to isolate the problem. Will report back results.
simonettAuthor Commented:
I replaced the D-Link AP with an Apple Airport and that appears to have resolved the problem.  I would liked to have been able to do more testing to try to get to the "why", but because the client couldn't give me much time with the equipment, I need to go with this solution.

Thanks for your help!
Given the circumstances, that's a perfectly reasonable solution. Many times the 'why' isn't worth the effort as much as being able to tell the client "this fix worked." Customer is king!
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