How to host an apache server inside a windows domain

The mcse of the company is unavailable and i have the following problem:
I have a server with a sbs 2003 iis and 2 websites running on it .
the webcompany website and a commercial website.
the dns server is on the same server.
I need to host an apache server on a different computer registred on the
domain and host the third website of the company.
What must i do in the dns server to route to the computer with apache
server ?
Thank you for your help
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PanicXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Will this website be available on the internet or just internally?

If just internally, then all you can access the apache server from anywhere in the network by the PC name alone in your web browser, ie.  http://ClientPC
If you want to use a proper URL, then on the DNS server of your SBS, you'll want to add an A record.
Fire up DNS management from the Administrative Tools,
Find the domain name you'd like your website to use.
Right click the list of existing addresses and select New Host (A)
Give it the IP of the new webserver and the name you want to point to the server

Ok123Author Commented:
Thank you for your help. I just add also permission in the  httpd.conf to avoid error 403.
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