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Configuring Cisco firewall ASA5520 from PIX515

I need to upgrade my Firewall from a PIX515 to an ASA5520.  What are the general steps for doing this?  

Below is a simplistic idea I have.  Can you help me expand on this?

Copy Config from PIX515
Load to ASA5520


2 Solutions
Configs do not directly translate, unless your pix is running 7.0 or better. Then it is pretty much cut/paste
If running 6.x on the PIX, then the process is a little more complicated.
Cisco does publish a PIX/ASA converter application, but I've not had much luck with it.
I would recommend upgrading the PIX to 7.0 which will automatically convert the configuration, then copy/paste to the ASA and then edit to tweak it.
Else, I generally like to take the time to analyze the existing PIX config which may have made sense when it was set up 4 years ago, but with the features of the ASA there might be a better way, and there may be some old configuration items that need cleaning up anyway. In this case, I start from scratch with a clean ASA config and set up only what is needed now.
If you check the cisco web site there is a cisco PIX to asa conversion tool you can download for this task provided you have a CCO login.  This would help you make the changes you need to the configuration as it also takes in to account the version of the PIX software you are running plus the version of the asa you are migrating too.  Check it out.

This document talks about the tool and I have used it in the past.


easy way to find the tool is to use the download software tool, there is a field at the top to enter a product name, under that is a link to search software, click the link use this as your search query PIXtoASAsetup that should get you to the tool easiest.
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