Express each ratio in lowest terms.

9 in^2:2 ft^2  Answer 1/32.

I can't seem to get the right answer. First I converted 2 ft. to 24 in. Then I squared both.
9*9=81 and 24*24=576 then reduced to lowest terms. Do I misunderstand order of operations? Thanks.
=81/576 =9/64
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You are correct:

(9/24)²  = (3/8)²  =  9/64
kadinAuthor Commented:
The books answer is 1/32.
If the answer really is 1/32, then I suspect the question should be read as "Nine square inches in ratio to two square feet." One square foot is equivalent to 144 square inches, so two square feet contains 288 square inches.

That is, the units are "square inches" and "square feet". Nine square inches covers much less area than "nine inches square".


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BTW, if that really is the way the problem was shown, it's easy to see where the confusion came from. I started looking at it the same way you did.


This is a problem that works better in English than numbers:

    9 square inches : 2 square feet     is unambiguous.
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