Make delphi communicate with other programs?

is there anyway to make delphi communicate with other programs?
not talking about the ShellApi
i mean for example send some strings to messanger, press a button in some other program like press "play" in AIMP ...
is that possible?
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8080_DiverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the "other program" is monitoring Windows Messages and you know what message to send to it, then, yes, it is possible.

If you are writing both apps, it is even easier.

A friend of mione and I did that with a Task Management application that interfaced to a Time Tracking application (he wrote most of the first one and I wrote most of the second, with the remaining portion being a collaboration ;-).  We set it up so that there were messages going to and from each of the apps.  That way, the Time Tracker would query the Task Management app for any new tasks, as well as providing updates on time spent on any apps.  The task Manager could do a similar query in reverse, getting the times and providing the tasks.

If you are doing the app development for both, you can really make it shine.  If, on the other hand, you have to deal only with the API's that the other app provides, you may well run into limitations.

In fact, if "the other" app isn't at all expecting messages, it will probably ignore whatever you try to send it.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
communicate with other programs ?

yes off course, that's why databases were invented

a program communicates with a databases
query's for information, updates it, show info to the user ...
jimyXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use PostMessage and SendMessage to send Commands to another application (which is identified by its handle) such as button click.
i would do a DLL with delphi  and use inside that DLL INDY for sending and receiving strings via TCP

your delphi app  <----> DLL  [INDY + DELPHI]  (your delphi app)   <------>  DLL  [INDY + DELPHI]  (the other app)   <------>  the other app calling the DELPHI DLL functions

by this your delphi app and  the other app may be placed on diffferent computers , ....  
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