Flag point check for each task- SSIS

Hi experts,
I have a package which has numerous tasks and I was suggested if I can do a flag point check which means the following:
I need to create a final driver table(dbo.driver_task) which has flags yes/no for each step. The flag for each step/task will be
turned on if that task runs successfully("yes" in this case)
Lets say in total there are 5 tasks, for example the first two tasks(FTP, Data flow task) runs successfully and the third task-execute sql task fails, the table- dbo.driver_task should show:

select * from dbo.driver_task

Task_name    SuccessFlag
FTP task           yes
DF Task1          yes
Exec SQL task   no
DF Task2           no
DF Task3           no

Even though the DF Task2 and DF TAsk3 wouldnt run as the package failed at Exec SQL task, they should how that the success flag is 'no'......pls suggest how I can achieve this..thanks!
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you should add Execute SQL Task to the very begining and after each step to set the table rows depending on the steps executed.
At the very beginning set all the steps to "NO" in your case and after each step if the step succesful you will reach a new Execute SQL Task to update the reklated tasks value to set to "YES" .if the step fails the execution will not reach the script which let tthe step and the following steps status as "NO" .. I attached a basic outline as a picture...

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sqlcuriousAuthor Commented:
thnks a lot!
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