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I've setup a new domain that has the same name as the clients website. I'm not able to browse to the website from inside my network, but I am able to browse to the client's website from outside my network. It apears that mydomain.com is resolving to my domain controllers internal ip. Unless I'm wrong, then I need that to be able to add pcs to the domain. How can I set my internal dns to browse to the clients external website?
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Change your local internal dns name from clientname.com to clientname.local.

Setting internal dns domains to the same is an external domain name is bad practice. This is why.
You could always add an a record in your dns pointing to the ip address of the client site you are trying to reach. That may fix some of your problems.
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Well, add a host record in your internal DNS server for www to point to the external ip address of the website, that should do it.
B.t.w. because internal domains and external DNS are completely separate, it is common pratice to use a internal domain that isn't related to any global naming conventions (like mydomain.lan or mydomain.local, however .local isn't always wise when you have *nix machines).
Meant to say an a record for www pointing to the address.of the client, sorry.

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