proxy server

wher should a proxy server (Microsoft forefront) be placed in the network
curently my network
internet router >Cisco ASA FIREWALL > switch> network

should the proxy serve rbe placed before or after the firewall >
Looking for real world setups and recomendations
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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
What is the implementation - single or dual network cards in the FTMG?
If this is a single nic installation then it should NOT be placed in front of the firewall - i.e. on the internet side of the firewall as you will have no way of protecting it.
If it is TWO nics then the FTMG will be a firewall in its own right (as well as being a proxy) and can certainly go in front of the existing firewall.
Between the switch and the firewall
dano992Author Commented:
the client wants the proxy placed in front of the firewall
(between the internet router and firewall) it doesnt make sense to me
but they are insistent
can anyone comment on this?
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