In Domino, is there a way to code the url that the user was last in before clicking our feedback form?

In Domino (web-based Notes app, is there a way to code or track the url that the user last visited before clicking our feedback form in our notes domino app?
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CGI var, need to put in a field for it, then you have it available.  Search designer help for CGI for more info.  I think the parameter you want is:
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
You mean the page the user was on when he clicked the feedback-button?

Sure, but much depends on how you code the feedback-button and whether you use AJAX or not to refresh parts of the screen. For instance, what you could add to the feedback-button is part or all of the URL for the current page, or just the page name. The button could then be a URL like
where somecode is anything you need to identify the page.
kat64Author Commented:
Excellent and quick turn-around.  Thanks much!!!
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