Managed Custom Folder not appearing for user


I created a Managed Folder Mailbox Policy named "Managers".

Within this MFP, there is a Managed Custom Folder that has a retention of 5 years.

From what I understand, when I apply the Managers MFP to mailboxes, the Managed Custom Folder should automatically be created in their mailbox? However, I've applied it to a test user and it's not appearing.

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this? I assume the Folder would only be created once the Managed Folder Assistant runs on that server and actually processes the mailbox I've just added to the MFP, but anywhere I can track whether this has happened yet?

Running Exchange 2007 SP2.
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if you see the custom folder, then it is created in Exchange. It will not appear in Outlook until that folder has a policy assigned to it and that policy is then assigned to users. So make sure that you have it set up as in the screenshot:
 Managed Folder policy
Then assign the policy to users

Get-Mailbox | Set-Mailbox –ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy 'DefaultCustomFolderPolicy'
Or you may want to test it on one user. In that case you can do it via GUI :

 User Assignment

then run  Start-ManagedFolderAssistant . At that point the folder should appear in the mailbox
I think you will have to wait for "managed folder assistant" to run. That process will create your custom folder.
Or you can start it manually:

bruce_77Author Commented:

Still not there :( Managed Folder is set to run every day.

Would the Managed Folder logs detail the creation of Managed custom folders?
if you run the following command:


does your custom folder display in the list? (usually at the bottom of the list)
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