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I used to be able to print remotely using RWW with SBS 2003 buy checking the remote print box, but I have not been able to get remote printing to work on SBS 2008. I’ve tried loading drivers onto the server without result and MS’ Printer Redirection Wizard tool will not run on a 64bit box.  Kodak and Epson printers.
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Note not all printer drivers work for redirection. Multi-function devices drivers are typically the worst. Again the driver installation must be performed at the system the users will be access via RWW or RDP.

Determine the make and model of printer to be used for remote printing. Download the latest driver from the printer manufactuer. If the workstation is running Windows 64-bit then you must install a 64-bit version of the driver. It's hard to say exactly what you want as not all vendors package their drivers in the same way. Preferably you want the driver you can install via an an .inf file. Some vendors ofter a just basic driver. If they only provide an installer (.exe) version it may work but often most installers install more then the driver only. And sometimes they will insist you connect the printer to the system which isn't always possible in this case and often a sign their drivers won't do redirection properly.

.Exe format only:
1. Run the installer. It may could be a self-exacting archive. If so dig into the files extracted to see if you can find one or more .inf files. If so switch to the .inf format section. Complete the installer doing a custom install if possibe. Remember you just want the driver not any utilities. Also some installers provide will ask for the printer to be connected but may have an option to connect it later or such. If it creates a printer you can delete it.

.Inf format only:
1. Open up the printers via the control panel or start menu.
2. Open print server properties. Windows XP: Right click in the window but not on an icon and choose Server Properties. Window Vista/Windows 7: Click on a printer. There's a bad along the top of the window, click Print Server Properties.
3. Click on the drivers tab.
4. Click the Add button and follow the steps to add the new driver(s).

Note: You can also use steps 1-3 to see what drivers are already installed.

If the neccesary printer drivers can not be installed or just don't work for redirection, they is another option. You could purchase a third party remote printing solution. They typically involve installing software on the host (office) and the client (home/remote office) so that you don't have to hassle with drivers at all. A couple of vendors a TriCerat and ThinPrint. Just make sure you have a trial/demo copy working before you buy.

You must load the printer drivers for the remote printer model on the system your using RWW to access remotely.

llhuffAuthor Commented:
Could you describe how to that exactly?
llhuffAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I think Thinprint is the solution I need.
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