Access 2007 form to create several records at once

I need to create a form that allows me to create several records at once.  The records consist of the following:

User First Name, Last Name, Date of Event, Role, Provider, Department   (the actual txt names are the same just without spaces)   The info entered into these fields will remain the same accross all of the records.   Now the tricky part:   I need some sort of list box or series of check boxes with Certification (there are 24 possible certifications may need to select one or as many as all 24)   What needs to occur is that for each certification selected or ticked, I need a record to be generated in the tblCert  table including the Certification name and the information above that remains the same cross all records.  Thanks so much.  I will respond quickly.
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
for every check box, place the name of the Certification as caption to the chckbox label

dim ctl as control, rs as dao.recordset
set rs=currentdb.openrecordset("tblCert")
for each ctl in me.controls
      if ctl.controltype=accheckbox then
         if ctl=true then
         end if
      end if

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