Backup Exex 2010 and SQL 2008

I've got a software vendor supporting my client's primary application asking me if I'd like him to schedule maintenance plans to complete integrity and reindexing tasks on the SQL databases.  I use Backup exec and I notice in the SQL backup job there is an option to run a "Consistency check" before and after the backup.  There is also an option to include "indexes".  Obviously this completes an integrity check, just seems to use "consistency" instead of integrity.  But does including "indexes" with my Backup Exec Consistency check really reindex the database?  Hopefully someone out there with more database and Backup Exec experience than I can answer.  Otherwise I've got to run maintenance plans outside of the production and backup time windows.  Yay.....!  Thanks everyone.
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tarkmylerAuthor Commented:
Wow!  This has been helpful.  No one out there has a comment?
David ToddSenior Database AdministratorCommented:

Once upon a time I used Maintenance Plans, but now often want to do things they can't, so I code my backups etc myself.

I use BackupExec but not the agent so can't really help too much.

Chris MConsulting - Technology ServicesCommented:
I will shed more light: Consistency checks do check data and index linkage, and it gives you the option of including the indexes which does some index operations.
With or without including indexes, the operation is still a consistency check.

Consistency check is also referred to as database Integrity checks.
At query level, running a consistency check (or integrity checks) is achieved by issuing the following command:
DBCC CHECKDB (or DBCC CHECKTABLE & DBCC CHECKALLOC) and of course specifying the different options like including indexes or not.
Based on the options specified, SQL server may take the indexes off-line while repairing them or leave them on-line while performing simpler checks, based on the options/parameters specified.

Consistency checks (or integrity checks) are different from verifying database backup consistency after backing up a database.
To verify a database backup (at command-line), you will have to issue RESTORE VERIFYONLY command, which verifies if the backup (either full, differential or transaction log) is consistent/valid and can be used in a restore if required.

Please note that integrity checks (consistency checks) is a quite resource intensive operation.
I would not recommend running integrity checks on a database during business hours.

Backup Exec gives you an option to check integrity of the database (consistency checks) before backing up and after backing up the database.

You may go for Backup Exec if you have (a) small database(s) and maintenance time is small but for big critical databases, I recommend setting up proper SQL server maintenance plans which will take the backups, do consistency/integrity checks on the database and verify validity of each backup as soon as it completes.

You can choose to backup to a disk first from  SQL server then use your storage backup to wherever you want.
This way, you will have far more flexibility.

All the best.

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