When you select using using the shortcut key control+a, I do not want to see it as enabled.
Is there any way to do that?
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Joseph RuizSystems EngineerCommented:
No this cant be disabled, its built into the Windows shell, but you can change the color:

Control panel > Display properties > Apperance > Advanced

Click "Selected" in the preview window and change the color under "Color 1."
Are you asking if the Control + A shortcut can be disabled?
Are you using a specific program / website or are you asking if this can be system wide?
nobleitAuthor Commented:
I will explain in detail..
suppose when select a portion of a document or website using ctrl+a for copying that part...
we see that it is enabled...(by display)it is selected
What I want is the user does not want the selected portion to appear as selected.(ctrl+A) should just appear like a normal screen..
but still he wants to copy that portion..
Is there any way to do that...
why don't you want to see what exactly is selected?  any specific reason?
it looks a bit contradictory to me - i want to see what i copy
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