full mailbox permissions sendas permissions

I was asked to pull user accounts who have the sendas permissions and the full mailbox permissions assigned to users in our organization. At first this appeared to be an easy task but after hours of banging my head against the wall I am not getting the correct results. I have modified and changed these commands below a lot. My output are a few but not all mailboxes. Can someone please help me do the following. I need a script to list users who have full mailbox and sendas permission. I would also like to customize it so that If I wanted to get one user it would work also. This is probably suitable for another script altogether. Any help would be much appreciative.

get-user -Identity "user" | get-mailbox | %{$foo = $_; Get-MailboxPermission $foo | ?{$_.AccessRights -eq "FullAccess" -and $_.IsInherited -eq $false}} | ft {$foo},User,AccessRights

Get-Mailbox | Get-MailboxPermission | Where-Object { ($_.AccessRights -eq "*fullaccess*") -and ($_.User -like "*user*") }
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Malli BoppeCommented:
try this

get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited | get-mailboxpermission | where { ($_.accessrights -eq "fullaccess") -and ($_.isinherited -eq $false) -and -not ($_.user -like "NT Authority\self")} | ft identity,user -autosize | out-file c:\log\users.txt
techdriveAuthor Commented:
Thanks about to try this now. Do you also have a solution where I can run this for one particuliar user and not all, thanks.
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techdriveAuthor Commented:
Yes this is the same exact command I ran to try to get a single user from this page and this was not pulling all of the mailboxes where full access for mailboxes were applied.

Get-Mailbox | Get-MailboxPermission | Where-Object { ($_.AccessRights -eq "*fullaccess*") -and ($_.User -like "*rajith*") } Please reference my original statement.
Malli BoppeCommented:
Sorry techdrive.Try the below

get-mailbox -identity exchangealias -resultsize unlimited | get-mailboxpermission | where { ($_.accessrights -eq "fullaccess") -and ($_.isinherited -eq $false) -and -not ($_.user -like "NT Authority\self")} | ft identity,user -autosize | out-file c:\log\users.txt

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techdriveAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help it works like a charm
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