VMWare vmotion fail for 1 vm

HI all,

i am simulating a vmotion. i have 2 host. lets put the name ESX A and ESX B. each consist of 4 vm. each host has additional NIC installed.

All VMs uses the same default vswitch. but 1 vm in ESX B uses another vswitch due to some management purposes (additional NIC).

When i simulate vMotion. I unplug the power at ESX A, all the VMs move to ESX B gracefully. But when i simulate another vMotion by Unplugging the power at ESX B. All VMs in ESX B moved to ESX A except the 1 vm that uses another standalone vswitch. Error is "not enough resources"

in ESX A, i have additional NIC as well, but i dont use it. Is it due to the networking problem?
please somebody assist.
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
You will need to have the same label vswitch on ESX A and ESX B.

1.  Is the VM that's failing on shared storage?
2.  Does it have any physical/virtual hardware attached..lets say a CD ROM that's mapped to the ESX host CD or virtual serial port?
3.  Does the vswitch exist on both hosts and does it use the same label?

All 3 items have to be valid for vmotion to occur
julisantoAuthor Commented:
hi Paul,

1. yes shared storage. We use SAN Storage with FC
2. nope
3. no.. i created only another vswitch on the ESX B. I dont create in ESX A.Because there is no VM in ESX A that need to be separated to another vswitch.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
But if you're doing vmotion it needs to have that vswitch on ESX A.  Keep in mind that the only parameters that are switching between the servers during vmotion are CPU and Memory.  The underlying virtual infrastrucutre has to be the same for that to happen, otherwise you will get the error you are recieving.

On ESX A you don't use the vswitch but you need for the VM on ESX B to use it when you have vmotion or HA occur
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julisantoAuthor Commented:
ok, i will try to isntall. Thanks Paul!!! you helped a lot!! will revert to you once i tried.
If you're pulling the power out as you describe then that is a HA event, not a VMotion?

If its VMotion that you're trying then you can migrate one machine at a time (right click and select migrate) and this will give you a more descriptive error - though as said above you need the networking to match exactly (including stuff as low level as case sensitivity on names)

If its HA and you have not enough resources then you may have resource pool constraints on ESXA

I think maybe returing to the original point of EXACTLy what you are trying to achieve and how you are going about it may give some more clues

julisantoAuthor Commented:
Hi Randy,
yes its HA. sorry for the confuse. But i have added the very same resources of vSwitch with ESX B. THough i cant simulate HA now due to day time and its on production. but i am able to do migration successfully.

Hi Paul,

again, thank you very much.
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