Public folder permissions in Exchange 2007

Using Outlook 2003 on a SBS 2003 domain I have copied the contents of a calendar public folder into a folder in an individual mailbox.  I have used exmerge and created a pst file for that mailbox.  On a new SBS 2008 domain I have created that same user and from a windows XP workstation installed the Exchange Management Tools and successfully imported that pst file into exchange 2007.  I have created the a calendar public folder and when I open Outlook on the workstation logged in as the user I see the calendar items in their mailbox and can move them to the calendar public folder.  However when I go to make a change to any of the items it tells me that I do not have permission to modify the items in that folder.  I have added the user to the exchange public folder administrator and exchange organizational administrator and logged off and back on but still cannot modify the items.  I did the same process for a contact public folder and that user can make modifications to the various contacts.  What do I need to do to allow this user, and eventually, all users to be able to make changes to these items.  By the way this user can add their own entry to the calendar and can make changes to them.  I also ran the cmdlet in exchange shell "add-publicfolderadministrativepermission etc and it did not work.
Thanks for your help.
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Malli BoppeCommented:
Can you go the public folder properties in the outlook and check the permissions tab.
dashmanAuthor Commented:
Yes I can and that allowed me to change to owner and then any and all users could make changes .  Thanks, that was simple as I was trying to make it more difficult than it was.
Malli BoppeCommented:
most of the things are simple.we just make it complicated :)
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