Laptop Adaptor is Noisy and not Charging

Dear experts,

Suddenly my laptop adaptor started to be noisy whenever it's connected to the power and not charging any more. The sound is repetitive every half a second and doesn't stop.

What should i do?

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Again, it's faulty.  Replace it.  

Doesn't have to be insulation or bad connection.  Could be failing capacitor, resisitor, choke, diode, transformer or some other component within the unit.  Works one day.  Fails the next.
Replace the adaptor.  Seems like it is failing or failed.  By adaptor I presume you mean the power cable and power converter that is part of the cable.
Replace it or ask fro waarranty if it has
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Stop using the adapter immediately.  A failing/faulty power adapter can destroy your laptop.
If you have a similar models adapter you could plug it in your PC and test.

The wire going to the connector can get twisted and the insulation could break over time
causing an arc and shorting. That could give rise to the crackling sound.
Inspect the output wire to see if there is any bulge/damage. It could be repaired but one
need to have some knowledge/experience in wiring and soldering.

The components in the adapter could also fail in which case repair would
not be worth the time and money spent.

You would certainly require another adapter to test your machine.

kanaryAuthor Commented:
Nothing is twisted I've rechecked.

The cracking sound appeared before for one day then it was gone. After that it was charging normally. but today it started this cracking sound again without charging :(
check with another adapter (borrow one from a friend) to test
check also the sound does come from the adapter, and not from the laptop , or input jack
It seems the transformer in your laptop is now having low insulation resistance and may burn. So don't use that adaptor as it may harm your laptop. Either get it rectified or use a new branded adaptor.
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