Loading Personal Settings takes 2.5 minutes on xp

- (8) XP Pro Sp3 (Optiplex 380)
- (1) Win7 x86 (Optiplex 380)
- (1) SBS 08
- (1) 2008 STD w/ SQL 2008
- (1) 2003 x64 STD

Every single machine works properly as far as the duration between password entry and seeing the full desktop...except (1) XP Pro machine which takes about 2.5 minutes to pass "Loading personal settings".

DNS is set to the SBS server via DHCP on all machines and this machine in question has no other troubles once the desktop is loaded. The event log is totally clean and I'm at a loss as to what the issue may be. I've run RSOP and there are no errors throughout the network, including the machine in question.

This is an old problem, but the usual symptoms are not present.

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Hello mtheorygrp,
  Here are some things I usually like to check.  Hopefully you find a solution here.

Is this any user on the workstation or a single user logging in?

--If it is any user then you will want to clean out temporary files from your C:\Temp and C:\Windows\Temp

--If you are using roaming profiles, there may be old profiles hanging around in the C:\Documents and Settings

--Check that your network link is stable.  I like to run a constant, or several constant pings to a server on the network.  You should see fairly steady response times.  If its spuratic, like jumping between 1ms and 10ms then this could be an indication that the network link is damaged.  Network cables under a desk tend to get kicked around which will lead to them being damaged.  A few ms of lag might not sound like much but when your transfering 300 files over it, it will be noticeable. Ideally you will want to see a constant 1ms reply time with no loss.

--Run a full check disk on the system drive then defragment it.

If it is a single user who is using a roaming profile, you will want to look into his/her profile.  Users tend to save files to their desktop which will cause their profile to load slowly, as all files in their profile get downloaded as part of the "loading user settings..." screen.
I like to keep my roaming profiles below 50MB
mtheorygrpAuthor Commented:
Already cleaned user and system temp, no roaming profiles on this network. I can run a chkdsk but the machine works fine before the loading personal settings and after.
Viral RathodConsultantCommented:
1) Do the clients by any chance have ISP DNS servers listed in the properties of the network card as well as the DNS server?

If so, this is the cause of your problem.  Ensure the server only has for a DNS entry,

2) Please Try to login with any other user account on the problematic desktop and check if the issue is still persist .(It might be possible that user profile is corrupt or any other issues)

Letus know the results.
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Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
is your Webclient service disabled on your XP systems, this can cause issues with start-up/boot/login times.

also on the affected system, open the Network Connections windows and check your Advanced menu options, click Advanced Settings, and check that the LAN link has top priority, and so does MS Windows Network under Provider Order.
mtheorygrpAuthor Commented:
The problem turned out to be that someone had put the path to the login script in the profile path instead of the script path.

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mtheorygrpAuthor Commented:
I found the problem myself.
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