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I have a table that has data with entry dates back through the years.  Is there a way to sort data into year/month order?  So if I am counting the number of transactions per day I would get data returned like this?  

Month  Day  Count

1           1       56    
1           2       60
1           3       72

I don't have a sample table to work off of, I have just been wondering if there was an efficiant way to accomplish this.


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Pratima PharandeCommented:
Consider table structure like this

Table one
dt             - datetime

then in this case if you need to count the how many id's per year month day
try this query

select year(dt) , month(dt) , day(dt) , count(id) from Tablename
group by year(dt) , month(dt) , day(dt)
order by year(dt) , month(dt) , day(dt)
the_b1ackfoxCIOAuthor Commented:
I tested this solution last night (I found a table to play with).  Not only did it work great, it pointed out why my previous attemps to do this had failed.  I feel like I just learned a truly worthwhile lesson.  Thank you Pratima!
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