How do you add a url link to a movie clip type in Adobe Flash

I have a Movie Clip type that I want to add a url to so that when a person clicks on the link, it goes to a certain destination.  How do I add a url to the movie clip type object in Adobe Flash?
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Linking a URL to a flash movie clip button with rollover and rollout.

on (rollOver) {_root.home.gotoAndPlay(2)


on (rollOut) {_root.home.gotoAndPlay(1)


VBBRettAuthor Commented:
Manikandan1986, what you suggested did not work.  I got a compiler error and a statement that said that the link could not be used on the movie type and that it should be used for buttons.  I don't know what to do now.  And dgofman, I don't understand what you are trying to say.
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You don't need to write any ActionScript code. Select your TextField component.
Press Ctrl+F3 or Windows->Properties. On the right side you will see Properties Panel.
Scroll down in that dialog and you will find "Options" session (by default is expand but if collapse you can expand manually)
And there you will find Text Field "Link:" you can add URL there such as ""
Now click on "Target:" drop down component and pick "_blank" target ( in this case when you will click on you TextField it will redirect to new Tab or Window.

You can customize you Text by apply Blue color and underline to bring user attention this is a link.
VBBRettAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately it is still not going to my desired url after I click on the image.  Is there another way of doing this?
If you are using Actionscript 3,

open Actions panel in the scene and type these:

ps: I supposed you named your object mySymbol

mySymbol.buttonMode=true;	//this part is to make mouse pointer a hand when over this object

function openPage(evt:MouseEvent) {
	var request:URLRequest=new URLRequest("");
	navigateToURL(request, "_blank");

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