Migrate Analysis Services 2000 OLAP cubes to SSAS 2008

I need to upgrade some OLAP cubes from SQL Server 2000 to SSAS 2008. Is there any way to migrate directly from SSAS or do I need to re-create every OLAP into SSAS 2008?
gosi75Business Intelligence ConsultantAsked:
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no files,

while installing SQL server 2008, you will have the option to install or upgrade

i recommend using the SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Advisor tool, it will show you all the important issue.

you can download it from

but for you ETLs, it depends alot on what logic is there.

its going to be a manual process, this is if you have ETLs running daily...
Analysis Services 2000 OLAP cubes to SSAS 2008 is a direct upgrade, no hard work,

but you might need to upgrade and rework your DTSs, ETLs
Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:

You can also upgrade your ETL and DTS packages also.
gosi75Business Intelligence ConsultantAuthor Commented:
What steps do I need to do for that?
Which files do I need to copy from the sql server 2000 analysis services so SSAS can upgrate?
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