Exchange 2003 - Can OWA cache "To:" address or Autocomplete ?


We have several Sales users who only work with Outlook Web Access on Exchange 2003.
They find it difficult to remember the previous addresses they typed in before, not even on their Laptop.

Is there such a feature to Autocomplete addresses the email address in the To field just like Gmail ? Is there a workaround ?

We use both SSL and none-SSL if required for OWA.
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Have you tried IE9?
Also when Firefox opens owa are you seeing the basic version? In IE you should be seeing the Premium version. Have you tried the basic version of OWA in IE?
Upgrade to Exchange 2010, I know that does autocompletes from OWA
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OWA 2003 should also resolve recipient address when you enter partial name and use CTRL+K hotkey.
Owa 2007 and owa 2010 both cache email addresses you have sent to and they don't have to be in your Contacts or the GAL
Johnny_NguyenAuthor Commented:
OK, I think I have not explained the issue clearly, this has nothing to do with contact name resolution.

When using OWA via Firefox, when we compose an email it stays in the same window and when we type one or 2 characters of the recipient address that we sent to before, it will complete the rest (this is autocomplete feature of Firefox/Internet Explorer, not a feature of Outlook).

However, when we compose an email using Internet Explorer, it pop-up a new window and it does not auto-complete. We have to rely on name resolution, but many of the recipients are not in address book and thus make it difficult for several users to have to remember these all the times.

Is there a way to address this issue for Internet Explorer, thank you.
Johnny_NguyenAuthor Commented:
It seems that only the Outlook Web Access Light facilitate email address caching. I accept the fact for now.
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