Flash Chart depending on user input/asnwer of multiple questions

Hi Experts,

i need to create a flash mini game with the following specs:

1. 3 questions with multiple choice answers
2. When the user selects all the answers in the end, a bar chart must be shown. Depending on the answers, the chart that will be generated must follow some rules.

For example,
question 1: How many hours do you walk every day?   (half hour, 1 hour, 2 hours)
question 2: Do you eat breakfast in the morning? (yes, no, sometimes)
question 3: How many hours you sleep? (8,10,12)

Every question has 3 answers as you see above in the parenthesis. So, depending of the combination of the answers, the chart generates.

Does anyone knows a way of doing this?

The file will run offline in Samsung Galaxy tab browser, so web is not an option, it must be strictly in flash.

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Its not difficult,
You just need to update your dataProvider.

Check examples of different charts from http://examples.adobe.com/flex3/componentexplorer/explorer.html

Datavisulation Components->Charts->Chart Effects
the answer is provided by me I am waiting a feedback
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