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I recently configured S/MIME for email encryption. The encrypted emails sent was appearing as an attachment in receivers email box. After doing some R&D i found that it is Discliamer that is configured on Exchange 2007 which somehow  interfered with Encrypted emails. I disbaled the disclaimer on exchange server and  encrypted emails appeared fine in receivers mail box (Without attachments). Discliamer information is important to our organization and we cannot disable or delete it. Can someone advise if there is anything that can be done so that the Encrypted emails appear in receivers email box without attachments and without disclaimer being disabled or deleted.

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MINORITYmaNConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi, got not so good news:
- disclaimer- is made on the server (server-sided)
- encryption- is made on the client (client-sided)

if client(outlook) encrypts the message, then the content can not get a disclaimer attached by the server because this would break the encryption rules, encryption even means that the message is guaranteed in no way modified being transported from sender to receiver, adding a disclaimer to a encrypted message would mean the message was modified. thats the way why it happens like that, the attachment is unchanged and encrypted, the mail containing the attached encrypted mail has the disclaimer.
so there is currently nothing to do with it.
hope it helped understand the problem.

regards, Stefano
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