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I need a wireless webcam compatible with Windows. The current webcam I have is cheap and not wireless and when I use it with a USB cable extension. Am I right in saying USB won't work well with a really long cable, this is 5 metres away from the computer? Can you give me a recommendation of webcams (good, better, best options) that work with a 5 metre USB cable or wireless models that work over bluetooth or wifi. The last complication is this computer is a Mac running Parallels virtualisation software, so I'm a bit worried about using a Bluetooth webcam in case it won't work. It should though. Any ideas welcome?

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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
A cheap and cheerful Wirless WebCAM that works over WiFi is the Cisco-Linksys WVC54GCA.

I've several of these in use, and they are very good, with all computers, Macs and PCs.

On another note, 5m is not long for USB, I've a 10m long USB cable, and USB devices and cameras work at this length. Just make sure you obtain a good quality cable.

or have you thought of using a powered HUB, to joined the Webcam at the end, if you are suffering power/voltage drop issues.
you can check at ebay or nextag. you can also compair their features and even filter them according to your needs.

try this one:  Cisco-Linksys Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring Camera.  I use this wireless to monitor my home from the web.  Very nice!!
kiloelectronvoltAuthor Commented:
Using a powered hub worked. Thanks.
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