Exchange 2003 public folder error

Hi there,

We have a problem with Exchange 2003 Public folders rights.

Computer; Windows 7 (64bits) Office 2010, with CRM application.
Server; Windows 2003 (32bits) Exchange 2003, public folders.

The CRM application is reading information from the mail enabled public folders (with MAPI).
The application shows the e-mails within in the public folder, but it also shows an error.

The error is translated from dutch to english.

You don't have the right permissions on this object. See the folder contact or your system administrator.
Component: Information archive Microsoft Exchange.
Error Code: $80070005

On the server side, we have given the users administrator right on the public folders, but this won't work.

Any ideas?

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kortonAuthor Commented:
Found the solution.
kortonAuthor Commented:
Correct answer.
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