Cisco ASA5505 - SSL VPN Peers vs Total VPN Peers license

Hi Experts,

I have a new cisco ASA5505. When I run the show version command it states I have the following for VPN connections:

SSL VPN Peers                : 2
Total VPN Peers              : 10

What is the difference between SSL VPN Peers and Total VPN Peers?
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- Webvpn is also known as SSL VPN and enables you to go to a website, enter your password and then receive a java vpn client which enables you to connect.

- 10 vpn peers means that you can have a maximum of 10 vpn sessions active. This could be a combination of site-site and users using the cisco vpn client.

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RLComputingAuthor Commented:
That is what I thought. We are having issues with only 1 VPN user per time (they are using the Cisco AnyConnect software) although we have 10 vpn license.

Any ideas what could cause that?
anyconnect client counts as webvpn.
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RLComputingAuthor Commented:
Ahh that would make sense. How would a user connect without the web or anyconnect client?
use the cisco vpn client. This is the IPSEC client and has to be installed on the user machine. This counts as VPN Peers   (you have max 10).
RLComputingAuthor Commented:
Sorry I'm getting a little confused. Just to be clear the AnyConnect and IPSEC Client are two different pieces of software?

Where do I get the IPSEC Client and do any changes need to be made on the ASA for IPSEC connections?

RLComputingAuthor Commented:
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