Patching Adobe Reader X with 10.0.2 MSP


I have an administrative install of Adobe Reader X 10.0.1 which I am trying to patch using the 10.0.2 MSP.

I am running the following command to install the patch:

msiexec /a adberdr1000_en_us.msi /p acrobatsecupd1002.msp

The attached error occurs.

The existing 10.0.1 MSI installs perfectly fine through Group Policy Software Deployment (although I am having some trouble with a Windows 7 machine...but I will leave that until this gets resolved).

What could be the problem?

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Vadim RappCommented:
The official page for updates does not show 10.0.2 .
Vadim RappCommented:
According to the name acrobatsecupd1002.msp , you are trying to patch reader by the patch for Acrobat (which is authoring software). According to what I see on Adobe's site, they have pulled 10.0.2, possibly because of very negative users' feedback on stability, such as at 
failedAuthor Commented:
Yes I questioned the file name too, however this is the file I apparently should be using according to the release notes.

According to what I see on Adobe's site, they have pulled 10.0.2

Do you have a link to this information please?

Thanks for your help :)
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