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i have 5 ips in my server. and i want to access my 5 accounts thru 5 different ips, how can i do that with php, it always listens thru primary ip, how can we make such that it acounts listens dfrom 5 different ips,  is that possible with perl or any other lanuagr plz let me know

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OK, so you can create an httpd instance by IP by listening for each specifc IP (httpd.conf)

Listen ip-address:port
all addresses are really on your server or it's WAN addresses provided by your provider?
pameiAuthor Commented:
All the ip-address space is assigned to my server.
Ariel GarciaJefe de SistemasCommented:
I have a cuestion first, how you have 5 IPs,

1.- Have 5 Lan Card's
2.- Have a lot of ip's on one lan card

answer 1.- add each IP's on httpd.conf file for apache
answer 2.- Your network are hibrid, add the ip's too on httpd.conf file and maybe need some test to verify if is working.

answer 3.- Install apache one for each card, and isolate the conections (other senario)

Maybe this help.

On httpd.conf file look for this line
   Listen 80    <--- this are for all ip's

Add the Secund, Third, etc IP's

Note you have chose a diferent Port for each IP card,

If you need have only one apache, then use a Router connect all networks and centralize and then use only one IP for the server.
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