New thinkpad T510 versus new T520 - is it worth the wait?

Ive heard the T520 is about to be launched in Europe.
Anyone got one in USA yet?

Worth the wait?
How long has the T510 been around?
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David-HowardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't have the T520 yet. However, Lenovo's site shows it as available. You may want to contact Sales from the link.¤t-category-id=7162ACCF009D2872F8BA28660C1EC3B5
As a side note, my Lenovo orders have recently been shipped from China vice the US. There are times when my orders arrive virtually overnight. At other times, it is weeks before a smaller shipment arrives. And there are times when it arrives in pieces. Meaning, I get the docking stations, followed up in the next few days/weeks with the laptops.
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