Cannot access company website which has same name as Windows 2008 Server Domain Name

Hello, our company has recently moved up in the computing world and setup a server which has a network of roughly 20 PC's (as well as 20 users).

Now, I have extremely little knowledge of how to setup a server but I somehow I've managed it! The server has 3 roles: AD DS, DNS Server, Print Services.

So from the top I've setup the domain to have the same name as our company website. (website:, domain: We've noticed that from any of the workstations hooked up to the domain that the company site doesn't work. I'm assuming this has something to do with the naming of the domain as it was working perfectly beforehand.

So I've gone ahead and researched how to change the name of the Domain using "rendom", I think it was a matter of luck that I managed to change it without it braking, but the outcome of using "rendom" has changed the domain from "" to "company". This has succumbed to no avail and the problem still persists.

So really I need a little guidance on what to try next, I've had a look into the DNS zone stuff/thing but as you may tell I have no idea what I'm doing. If anyone can help me out I would be very grateful, please do understand that I don't know any server "buzz" words and I'm unsure of where many option and settings are located.


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I suspect the issue is simply a DNS issue and your company website is hosted externally?

All you'd need to do is create a new A record in DNS for and have it point to the external IP of your company website.  You could also set one up for as well so the www isn't needed.
OllieEdgeAuthor Commented:
OK, thank you, however I don't know what or how to create a A record is? How would you go about doing this?
We had a similar problem at my company. Here is what I did to resolve it.

1. Go to a computer outside of your network and open command prompt. Ping your website and write down the ip address.

2. From your Domain controller, go to start, administrative tools, DNS. You should see your domain controller. Expand the dc and right click on box that says forward lookup zone. Click add new zone. use your website name. example : without the www.

3. Once completed you should see if under forward lookup zones. right click on it and add new host (a or aaa).
4. Enter the name of your website (minus www) and add the ip address you recorded earlier.uncheck create ptr record.
5. At top, right click your dc and click update server data files.

I hope this helps.  

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Darius GhassemCommented:
No what you need to do is create an A record in DNS call www that has IP address of your external Web server

Here are the full instructions.

If your domain name is the same externallly and internally then you already have DNS zones created
I agree, but he stated that he used a program to change the domain name.
Darius GhassemCommented:
First thing is you should change the domain name back to the orignal
Yeah, you do not need to create a new zone.  And you can change the domain name back to what it was previously.

To add the A record, you go to Administrative tools and then DNS.  In there you will see your domain name listed - might have to expand a few entries.  Within your domain (, right click and select new A record.  This is where you would enter www for the hostname and the IP address.  You should be able to do this prior to doing any domain renaming.
The full domain name should be along the lines of company.local, or maybe, but NOT Having the AD domain name the same as the public DNS domain name will cause problems like the poster is experiencing. If the AD domain and the public DNS domain match, you can not get to work. Only is possible (unless you are hosting on EVERY domain controller, which is a bad idea).

So, I suggest renaming the domain again to company.local.
OllieEdgeAuthor Commented:
Solutions given opened up a opportunity for me to understand DNS zones a little more, thus, managing to use these comments along with google search to piece together the final solution.
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