DLOOKUP with more then one variables..

I am having some trouble with a DLOOKUP statement
Basically I am trying to count the records where ID is equal to a number and the domain_verified field is equal to yes
I am just having some problems with the AND clause..and the quotes

the ID and healthcheck.ID is a number
[Domain_Verified] is a text field

xxyes = DCount("[Domain_Verified]", "tbl_org_domains", "[ID] = " & healthcheck.ID And "[Domain_Verified] = 'Yes'")

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Patrick MatthewsCommented:
xxyes = DCount("[Domain_Verified]", "tbl_org_domains", "[ID] = " & healthcheck.ID & " And [Domain_Verified] = 'Yes'")
joein610Author Commented:
Awesome thanks Again!
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