Simple Java Shift Encryption

Hello everyone!

I am new to the world of java programming, and I am working on basic shift encrytion. Here is what I need the program to do:

User inputs a single lower-case letter or upper-case letter or number (0-9).

User inputs number of places to shift letter or number (i.e. user types in 0 and shifts 2, the encrypted output is 2).

I have the code working to shift the input successfully, but I can't get the numbers or letters to wrap around. I need to limit this to letters and numbers only, no special characters.

I am converting the input char to its ASCII value to do the operations.

Any suggestions on how to detect input and do the wrap around?

Example of what I mean by wrap around:

User inputs Z and shifts 2 places, should be come a B, not a \.

Thank you in advance!

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So let's suppose you have them all in one buig sequence:

String all = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRASTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvw0123456789"

Then let's think you input is in String s

String s = "M";

int i = all.indexOf(s);

then your new charcter

will be

String s1 = "" + all.charAt((i+2) % 62)

where 62 is the total number of charcaters in you big string

Then eve if s = "9" you'll get in this way to charcater "B" - hope that is waht you want

Kody-BurgAuthor Commented:
I believe what I am trying to do is make a very simple single char input caesar shift, limited to only letters and numbers.
Sorry, I wanted some clarification - are you talking about
real ASCI representation or
you  say have sequence


and you want to shift within this sequence and wrap around  if necessary

Becuase if you do something with ASCII representations you'll of course need to go
out of this set,

So then do you shift numbers within numbers and leters within letters?

If this is so, I think you can implement wrap around using "%" operator (modulo n)

If this is about real ASCII representation then something else is required

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Kody-BurgAuthor Commented:
What I need to do is this:

If input is a number, stay within that range. EX: input is 0 so you can only shift in the range 0 - 9

if input is a capital letter, stay within that range EX: input is A so you can only shift in the range of A-Z

Does this make sense? So if I'm at a capital Z, and enter shift 2, it should become a capital B.

Kody-BurgAuthor Commented:
I was able to make it work by modifying the code that you provided for me. Thank you!
Well then the same idea as I showed above.

This is the static method which can do it

static  String [] MyStrings = {


input character is in String s:

public static string Encode(String s, int shift){

String snew = null;

for (int j=0; j<myStrings.length; j++){
if(myStrings[j].indexOf(s) == -1)continue;

snew = "" + myStrings[j].charAt((myStrings[j].indexOf(s) + shift)%myStrings[j].length());


if(snew == null){
System.out.println("It was not digit opr letter");

return snew;


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