Power supply problem

In my office, of many systems, two of the computers require pressing the power button for 2-3 seconds to power-on the system and only then the green light starts flashing. Generally we press and release the power button to start the computer and I'm wondering if there is any problem with any of the devices(may be smps) which makes keep pressing power button for few seconds. Anyone has any idea? any fix for this?.
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Are these computers from brand name mfg. ie.. Dell, HP, etc.?
Or are they generic builds ?
Are you using a Windows OS?  If so check power settings in control panel.  Make sure that the setting for "When I press the power button:" is set to Shut Down.
I completely read your question, and then responded backwards!  You're turning the machine on, not off - doh.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
If the systems are more than three or four years old, check the motherboards for capacitor plague.  I've seen several boards with similar startup problems that were solved by replacing caps, including my own D865PERL.

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Thyagaraj03Author Commented:
May be I confused you all!, I'm talking about Cabinet power button.

@saastech: All peripherals seem to be branded like intel MB, frontech cabinet, etc..

@sharkbot221984: I'm using ubuntu-linux
Thyagaraj03Author Commented:
@DrKlahn: Is capacitor plague replaceable? Is there a way to easily identify it? if possible check its condition?. Thanks all!
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
The Wikipedia article I referenced shows pictures of gross capacitor failures - leakage, bloating, cracking and explosion.  Unfortunately, not all caps fail grossly, and some of them simply degrade quietly to where they are non-functional but still look OK.

Replacement caps are not expensive, and it is a relatively simple operation to replace capacitors if you have an electronics background and the proper PWA desoldering equipment.    However, that is one big "if" and most people would find it simpler to replace the motherboard.  Alas, that way lies another potential problem:  If the board is replaced with the same model, the replacement may also have bad caps, and if so the problem will appear again.
Quick fix (works 50% of the time):

Unplug AC mains cord.
Press & hold power button for 5 seconds.
Plug in AC mains cord.
Press power button.

This drains all the caps on the board and should reset the power state.  Sometimes the logic gets stuck, and the computer doesn't know if it's on, off, crashed, or what it's supposed to do next.

If this doesn't work, then I'm siding with the bad-capacitor crowd.
Thyagaraj03Author Commented:
Ok, lets try this simple trick when the computer is not in use. I'll let you know...
the bad capacitors can also appear in the power supply
i would first test  with another power supply (you can swap witha known good one)
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