XenServer Installation Failure


I attempted to install XenServer 5.6 on a 160GB IDE drive, and can see the drive using fdisk -l

Furthermore, I actually partitioned the drive to ext3.

When I go through to install XenServer I get this error after 57%: "The new partition table could not be written: partition changes could not be applied."

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liamdyeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well I have not quite tried with Ubuntu because I am not a linux guy and do not have a copy lying around, however, I have tried with another IDE drive to the same avail and the same with a SATA drive.

I'm not a XenServer guru, but shouldn't it be able to see a single SATA drive? I have a 500GB one which through BIOS I put as emulating SATA, ACHI and IDE but none of those three work. Should XenCenter theoretically work with a SATA drive?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Try with a different HDD. It could be that drive is going to die.
boot up an ubuntu cd-rom
Go to System, administraton, disk utility
check the smart status, if it has any.

I agree with noxcho, it's most likely a drive with a problem.
liamdyeAuthor Commented:
I just reinstalled with a proper 3ware RAID card.
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