Cisco 1841 config copy?

Hi everyone:

the PTP line in my company just crashed, and the tech came checked then said my cisco 1841
was broken. Today I received a new cisco 1841 from my vendor, just want to know how can I just

copy all my config-setting from my old 1841 to the new one.

I try to copy-paste all my old setting to the new 1841 config mode but still get problem, so I just use copy running-config usbflash0 command and copy the config out from my old 1841, can anyone know how can I direct put it to my new 1841?

Best Regards,

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the copy paste is most likely not working because the interfaces would all still be shutdown
if you copy paste then issue a "no shut" on each relevent interface it should work.

TFTP is an option as above.

or you've said you have successfully copied the running config to usb, then move the usb over to the new router and issue the command in reverse. i.e copy usbflash0 startup-config
then reboot.

good luck
Also, assuming the flash card is not the issue, you can just pull the flash and swap it into the new router:

The configuration file is not stored on the flash card, to that won't work.
USB is a good way to copy the config, but as noted above, the interfaces will be shutdown by default until you manually "no shut" on each interface.
That is assuming that any modules are all in the same slots so the interface numbering stays the same.
andynanpaAuthor Commented:
thank you all for help! I copy the config to the router already ^_^
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