Remote Desktop application for the BlackBerry PlayBook?

The "Wi-Fi only" version of the PlayBook tablet is coming out soon, and I'm wondering if any apps have been developed that will enable remote access to a Windows terminal server using RDP.  I would be interested in any remote access possibilities for this new device.  

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Brian GeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think it might be a bit early to tell, but without a doubt there would have to be a remote desktop client for it simply due to demand for such an app. Possibly one of the more popular RDP clients for the BlackBerry handheld devices will be made for the Playbook as well...

Rob KnightConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

I believe PlayBook will support running some Android apps - perhaps you can try one of those instead?


CompScienceGradConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
RobMobility,  That would be great if Android apps are supported.  I just found some articles about this:

According to my understanding, the developer will need to repackage the Android app and submit it to the BB AppWorld Market.  I hope WYSE will do this with their PocketCloud app.

CompScienceGradAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments.  I am closing this question but will still be on the lookout for the first real RDP solution for the PlayBook.
CompScienceGradAuthor Commented:
I look forward to seeing proven solutions for remote access via the PlayBook.
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