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Hi Experts,

I have multiple pages of dashboard data with sql tables and Fusion charts web parts both connected to a external database.

My challenge is to create an alert on each of these pages so when these tables get updated everymorning , i want sharepoint to send the users an alert. I know alerts can be set for lists and documents but these pages do not have any lists or documents. they are sql tables and charts.

Also i dont want the emails to be sent to everyone but give users an option to opt in like how they can for a normal document.

Any advise would be great!

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I think there is one more option :
1. u want to genetrate emails that depends on external database that changes on every morning ?
  It can be done by a job in a sharepoint that take data that is updating in dashboard pages & run at any time u want & it can also be configure....

2. u want to give previlages to user to opt or not ?
 it can be done by making any web part that have checkbox that is associated to that user if it checked then he will get alerts otherwise not.....

As sharepoint job schedule have nothing dependency on list or document.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
i dont have a complete answer for you... but perhaps an idea...

have you considered using SQL to send the alerts / emails ?  SQL Agent can do this.
rohitsuryaAuthor Commented:
The SQL is managed someone else and im not familiar with SQL. So are you saying the Sql agent can email via sharepoint?

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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
sorry, i wasn't clear.
SQL Agent will run the job at a certain time... much like windows scheduler.
SQL database mail (a built in stored procedure) will send the email.

my idea:
set up a view in SQL for the condition on which you want to send an alert.  for example, calculate total sales dollars and only return results if the total is below X dollars.
use a stored procedure or query in SQL to send an email to certain people based on that view.  so, if the view returns a record, that means sales dollars are below X dollars.  SQL will email that result to the distribution list.

SQL Agent can be scheduled to run a query at a specific time.  so you'd set the job to run every morning.

here is an example of database mail:
(the article is based on SQL 2008, but database mail is in sql 2005 as well)
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
since your data is not in sharepoint, i thought using SQL might be a better choice.

you'd still need to come up with a way to handle the subscription, where users can opt in or opt out of the distribution.  it's possible that solution could be done in SQL and interfaced into sharepoint using Data View web part.  or, some other method for handling the subscription.  there are many options.
rohitsuryaAuthor Commented:
I havent implemented the solution yet
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