Chrome or Firefox 4 fullscreen kiosk type mode?

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My first choice is chrome... I am looking for a kiosk mode similar to what IE has, where the only way to exit it is by alt-f4 or similar.  This is for controlled intranet viewing, the server and viewing machines are controlled by me, so "forcing" a fullscreen type situation is fine as long as the viewing station needs a keyboard to exit the fullscreen mode.  It needs to work in XP, Vista, Win 7, OS X.

When I run my intranet webpage as an application in chrome, it still has the very top title bar with minimize, maximize and X buttons, which isn't what I need.  I can't seem to get the -kiosk switch to work in chrome.

What is the best way (least buggy) to accomplish what I need?

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Hi Brian

Can you confirm that your short-cut to Chrome is as of the form below:

"C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -kiosk

If it is then can you post version of Chrome as this seems to work fine from where I am working, except that I do not have a copy of your intranet app.


ok, WEIRD!!  it works now.  Maybe I was missing the quotes.


and thanks!! you saved me a ton of time.

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