How to restore an Windows backup image (VHD) of an SBS 2008 to an Hyper-V fresh VM?


An SBS 2008 has been installed on a physical server, and has been backup using windows backup. The physical server has been formatted and reinstalled with Windows 2008 std x64 with Hyper-V role.
A new VM has been created, and we wish to use the SBS 2008 VHD to boot the VM. Since the VM won't boot, i ask you what we did wrong?

Many thx
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subhashchyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
do you want to boot the VHD in Hyper -V or directly boot into VHD from boot menu on the physical machine ?

For booting directly to VHD you can have a look at the last post by me in your another post.
You need to restore your backup. Basically you are performing a bare metal restore, it's just your bare metal is a VM. This post will walk you through the steps.

Official SBS Blog - Bare Metal Restore

The only trick will be getting the backup presented to the VM. You can configure your backup media as a passthrough for this.
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I think as the hardware is different it will BSOD. YOu should enable detechal=on in Bcd configuration.

BCDEDIT.EXE /SET {ID} detecthal yes 

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IT_Group1Author Commented:
No BSOD's here, only errors.
Is there a good and easy guide hot to make VHD bootable (a system volume)?

IT_Group1Author Commented:
Any news ?
IT_Group1Author Commented:
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