excel graph displays primary vertical axis above the zero line on the horizontal axis

I have simple line graph.  the vertical axis is a list of dates and the horizontal axis a list of values.  Several of my staff use this graph and have no problems with it, but on this particular  chart the dates (vertical axis) appear above the zero line.  I'm assuming its got to be something in the formatting the staff member inadvertantly changed but I cannot figure out what she did.

I've attached PDF of the graph Bad-Sample-1.pdf
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jppintoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right click on your vertical axis an go to the Format Axis properties window. Please check on the Axis Options group on the "Horizontal axis crosses:" - "Axis value" if you have 0 or another value. Take a look at the attached picture.

Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:

format the Y axis and check the setting for Horizontal axis crosses at 0.  

cheers, teylyn
BLCSwimmerAuthor Commented:
Worked like a charm.

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