Manage Active Directory (2008 SP2) using Powershell 2 on XP SP3

Hi All,

I want to be able to manage AD, specifically crate new users, using powershell from my workstation. I just can't get it to work. Here's what I've done so far, hopefully you can point out my mistake(s)?

My Domain Controller is SP2 and has DotNet 3.51 SP1 installed

1. Downloaded install guide from

2. As per guide, installed KB969166 on Domain Controller

3. As per guide, tried to install KB967574 on Domain Controller, but received error: "The update does not apply to your system"

4. As per guide, tried to install Windows6.0-KB968934-x64.msu on Domain Controller, but received error: "The update does not apply to your system"

5. Downloaded PSCX extension from my workstation

6. As per instructions, installed files to 'My Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules' on my workstation

7. As per instructions, opened powershell window on my workstation and ran command "Import-Module Pscx" sucessfully

8. ran command "get-psprovider"

Name                 Capabilities                                      Drives
----                 ------------                                      ------
WSMan                Credentials                                       {WSMan}
Alias                ShouldProcess                                     {Alias}
Environment          ShouldProcess                                     {Env}
FileSystem           Filter, ShouldProcess                             {C, S, D, E...}
Function             ShouldProcess                                     {Function}
Registry             ShouldProcess, Transactions                       {HKLM, HKCU}
Variable             ShouldProcess                                     {Variable}
Certificate          ShouldProcess                                     {cert}
AssemblyCache        ShouldProcess                                     {Gac}
DirectoryServices    ShouldProcess, Credentials                        {}
PscxSettings         None                                              {Pscx}
FeedStore            ShouldProcess                                     {Feed}

I do not see the ActiveDirectory Provider

9. ran command "Get-PSDrive"

Name           Used (GB)     Free (GB) Provider      Root
----           ---------     --------- --------      ----
Alias                                  Alias
C                  21.49        251.34 FileSystem    C:\
cert                                   Certificate   \
Env                                    Environment
Feed                                   FeedStore
Function                               Function
Gac                                    AssemblyCache Gac
HKCU                                   Registry      HKEY_CURRENT_USER
HKLM                                   Registry      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
Pscx                                   PscxSettings
Variable                               Variable
WSMan                                  WSMan

I do not see AD or anything else pointing to my Active Directory domain.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
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Have you tried Quest's software:

It need only client side installation.
Anyway, the Management Gateway that you installed in step 1 is needed for the Windows Server 2008 R2/Windows 7 compatible Active Directory Module that is part of the AD RSAT tools.
Install Quest CMDLets on your workstation.
By default these cmdlets will connect to any available domain controller with the credentials of the user that starts powershell - so you can run ps as domain admin.
Alternatively, most od cmdlets let you use -Service option for pointing DC you want to use.

The cmdlets are extremely helpful - here are some examples:
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From XP SP3, seems painful.  I am a consultant and every site I visit that the admins are still using XP ( as part of corporate image or something )  ... what I recommended is setting up a windows 2008 server on vmware or something so they can remote desktop and use powershell, Exchange 2010 management, etc.

more reading:
For now, your client computer needs to be running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, because it is not currently possible to install the Active Directory module on anything older.

I would expect even if you do get Powershell running on XP, there are things that would not work.
More reading:
For now, your client computer needs to be running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, because it is not currently possible to install the Active Directory module on anything older.

Here is a cool tool that requires Powershell:
Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool



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Mike KlineCommented:
Agree with Mark about the Windows 7 management workstation.  If you are trying to run the AD cmdlets then take a look at Ashley's blog here

Did a nice job of spelling it out.

The Quest AD cmdlets also work well on XP systems.


ragnarok89Author Commented:

I had installed this, but I wanted to be able to do it with the built-in powershell. In this way, I could execute a .PS1 script from any PC. Also, the management gateway was never installed (see step 3 and 4).


assuming I get a Win7 workstation, from where do I download the AD module, and how do I install it?

After reading this, I believe it is built in. Still requires a Windows 2008 R2 domain controller.
Active Directory Administration with Windows PowerShell

If you want to use the AD module, you have to install the
AD Management Gateway Service on the Domain Controller according to the Install Guide.

And onto a Windows 7 client install the RSAT tools from:

After you installed this, you'll be able to add the relevant component from Control Panel/Programs/Turn Windows Features on and off.

In this list you'll see among the Remote Server Administration Tools the Active Directory Module in the AD tools category.
if you need the RSAT for  windows 7 with sp1   it's available now here:

ragnarok89Author Commented:
We just got a Win7 PC, will be trying it tomorrow.
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