Terminal Server not allowing logins after removing it from the domain

I have a sever that is in a workgroup, it was in a domain but we had to remove it.  after i dis joined it from the domain now I am no longer able to connect to the server via RDP.  I can get to the login screen but when I enter my username and password it tells me that I have to be granted the login via terminal services right.  my local account is a member of the local administrators group and the remote desktop users group.  I have sent the permissions under the Terminal Services Configuration on the RDP connection and verified that remote connections are enabled.  I have specifically added my local account to the allow login via terminal services right under the computer configuration-local security GPO.  if I rejoin the computer to the domain I can access it via RDP with this same account.  The other odd thing is that when I do an RSOP on the server after it is off the domain everything shows up as undefined, even though I just set the permissions and ran a gpupdate /force. Thanks in advance.
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jeremydehnerAuthor Commented:
forgot to remove the Everyone Group from Deny login through terminal services.  Once I removed this group the server let me login.
jeremydehnerAuthor Commented:
the everyone group is added to the deny login through terminal services by default.  We were overriding this through GPO.  It reverted once the server was removed from the domain.
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