Laptop freezing a few times a day

Mine is a Toshiba Tecra M11 laptop with Windows 7 Enterprise installed on it with corporate applications. Starting a few weeks back - the unit started to freeze up once every 2-3 days. Starting today - it is freezing up almost every 90 minutes.
When the unit freezes - the display remains fine but I lose my mouse and keyboard. Both internal and external mouse and keyboards lose power. The only option I have is to forcefully power it down and turn it back up.

One thing I noted is that once the unit freezes up - fan starts to run really fast. When the unit runs normal - fan runs at normal speed

I have installed CPUID Hardware Monitor and didn't notice any significant change in any temperature.  I have also checked event logs and there are no issues reported when system freezes up.

Any help will be appreciated.
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David-HowardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've corrected issues such as this before by doing one of the following (or in some cases all).
Update video, chipset and BIOS.
To run SFC /SCANNOW insert your Windows 7 disk while holding down the Shift key. (This prevents auto-run of the disk)
In the Run command enter SFC /SCANNOW
(There is a space between SFC and /
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Clean up the machine from dust. Once I've seen Acer behaving this way and only properly cleaning all the dust off it helped.
ingenium01Author Commented:
It's actually only a 4 month old machine and there is barely any trace of dust. I have already used compressed air to all the open ports and exhaust fan area but the issue continues
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
In addition to the other assistance above, put taskmgr in your startup and set to run minimized. Then when the machine locks up and the fan spins high, look at task manager in the system tray. Is it bright green? There may be a process (occassioned by malware, for example) that is taking over the machine. If it is bright green, what happens if you wait 5 minutes.  

Note: Before you do this, open task manager and set the option hide when minimized.  

It is a handy little way to asses things. ... Thinkpads_User
ingenium01Author Commented:
Thanks guys. I will try it out and keep you updated. Thanks again.
I'd download hdsentinel from and check your hard drive smart status, just in case it's freezing because of an access problem.
Also it will tell you if the drive has been too hot, it may help you diagnose if the unit is getting too hot.

If it is only 4 months old you should really try to make use of that warranty if it is still in place.

Since it is so new I would:

1) Re-install the OS using the Restore Disks it probably came with (If that doesnt fix it)
2) Return it based on hardware issue under warranty
3) Just return it and get a new one all together
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