Acer Aspire 5741-A wireless won't turn on...

My brother has an Acer Aspire 5741-A laptop, W7 HP, and has used it up to now via ethernet on his desk.

Today he bought a wireless router but when he presses Fn + F3 the wireless icon appears on the screen for a few seconds but the wireless light above the keyboard stays off and there is no wireless activated
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The hotkey combination Fn+F3 only enables/disables network communication, including wireless and Bluetooth adapters. You might have to take additional steps to set up an actual connection. The LED indicator just above the top left corner of the keyboard tells you if WiFi is connected (not if it's enabled).

As David-Howard mentioned, check Device Manager to make sure that the WiFi component is installed. If it is, go into the Network Sharing Center > Change addapter settings. Here is where you can see if the adapter is enabled or not. Once it is enabled you can work on connecting to a network.

One thing to consider is to make sure the laptop is capable of the same wireless protocol as the router 801.2 a/b/g/n, i.e. one of the letters has to match.
Does Device Manager show the wireless adapter? Even if it does, you may want to visit Acer's website and download/install the latest wireless driver. I'm assuming they have one for Windows 7. If not you may need to try a Vista or XP driver.
chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
Brother on vacation for a week - will update ASAP.
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