Using LocalConnection in Actionscript 3.

Hey all,

I am very new to using LocalConnnection in Actionscript 3.  Can LocalConnection be a constant open connection between swf's?

Can I pass arguments from one swf to the other?  My swf1 has a function
var conn:LocalConnection;
conn = new LocalConnection();
conn.client = this;

function connFunc(arg1, arg2):void
	trace("arguments = " + arg1 +  "and " + arg2);

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and I would like swf2 to call that function and pass arguments
var conn_btn:Button;
conn_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, connMe);

function connMe(e:Event):void
	var conn:LocalConnection;
	conn = new LocalConnection();
	conn.send('connectionName', 'connFunc');	
	connFunc("hello", "world");//function in swf1

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into the swf1 function. this do-able?

Thank you.

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Yes you can, plus you can reused same class for server and client and implements multiple clients
(create many SWF files using my class)

private var _connectionInterval:Number;
private var _connectionName:String = "LocalConnection";

private function test():void{
	var lc1:LocalConnection = createConnection(0, onChanneOneResult);
	var lc2:LocalConnection = createConnection(1, onChanneOneResult);
	var lc3:LocalConnection = createConnection(2, onChanneOneResult);
	send(lc1, 1, "Send message to channel 1");
	send(lc1, 2, "Send message to channel 2");
	//Close channel 1
	//Open channel 1 again
	lc1 = createConnection(0, onChanneOneResult);
	send(lc2, 0, "Send message to channel 0");
	send(lc3, 0, "Send message to channel 0");

private function onChanneOneResult(channelId:String, params:String):void{
	trace(channelId + "-->" + params);

private function send(lc:LocalConnection, channel:Number, params:String):void{
	lc.client.$send(channel, params);

private function createConnection(channel:int, resultHandler:Function=null):LocalConnection{
	var lc:LocalConnection = new LocalConnection();
	lc.client = {$result:resultHandler, $channel:channel};
	lc.client.$send = function(channel:int, params:String):void{
		lc.send(_connectionName + channel, "echo", lc.client.$channel, params);
	lc.client.echo = function(channel:Number, params:String):void {
		lc.client.$result(channel, params);
	if(resultHandler != null){ 
			lc.connect(_connectionName + channel);
		} catch (error:ArgumentError) {
			_connectionInterval = setInterval(createConnection, 500, channel, resultHandler);
	return lc;

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ModifyMeAuthor Commented:

Can you tell me how I access the function on the other swf?  Would I just prepend the function call with the other swf name?

swf1.connFunc("hey", "world");

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I would like for the SWF's to do it when it's automatically launched (enterframe).
ModifyMeAuthor Commented:
Not sure why I asked about the above (last post), I know how to do that...long week.

With LocalConnection, will I have to make each swf (swf1 and swf2) both receivers and senders each?
You can create many classes and implement the same communication logic.
Just one requirement, you must use unique channel number or id.
Another option create only one class and except channel id from URL or pass as parameter.
In this case you can run unlimited SWF files communication via LocalConnection

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ModifyMeAuthor Commented:
Thanks you.
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