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I am about to move DNS from one server to another. It is the primary DNS server. I found some good info online with steps to accomplish this. However, if someone could send some links they find useful or outline the process, that'd be great. I know one specific question I have is how to go about changing the IP address of the new DNS server to that of the old DNS server in an effort to not have to touch about 100 machines that are receiving DNS service from the old server. Specifically, after I change the IP addresses, do I need to edit/delete the entries in DNS to reflect that the new DNS server has the old DNS server's IP?

Hope that wasn't to confusing Thanks for the help.
king daddyAsked:
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George SasIT EngineerCommented:
If you already have a secondary DNS that is already present in the DHCP config then you are on the safe side. Just go on with your swap.
George SasIT EngineerCommented:
Well, since you posted the question on the AD I guess you are running AD DNS.
Simply promote your new server as DC and allow the DNS to replicate to the new server.

Are your clients manually configured for DNS or do they received this information from the DHCP ?

If your clients get the information from the DHCP just add the new DNS server in the DHCP server options. Let both DNS servers run in parallel for a couple of days (just to be sure they receive the new list) and then remove the old DNS entry from the DHCP server options.

If your clients are manually configured for DNS entries then after you have the DNS replicated to the new server simply change the IP address of your new DNS server with the old one. The AD should to the rest and replicate changes and do any necessary DNS changes.
Alan CoxSr. Systems Engineer | Lead Microsoft CIE Qualified FacilitatorCommented:
Are they DHCP clients? Change it there.. if not script netsh.. very easy..

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Viral RathodConsultantCommented:
Good suggestions has been given by the experts
If need more information please refer

Also there is no need to change any DNS settings on client machines just change the DNS server address on the DHCP scope options and all the clients will take this new DNS server from DHCP servers

Hope this helps.
king daddyAuthor Commented:
thanks all. a little more info - I have a secondary DNS server already. My plan is to swap the IP addresses of the new DNS server (which is already a DC) and the old DNS server. This should allow me to avoid changing the IP in the DHCP scope as well as not having to touch static addresses in the network. Also, when I asked: do I need to edit/delete the entries in DNS to reflect that the new DNS server has the old DNS server's IP? I was referring to any DNS records that may contain old info after the IP address switch. Not sure if those will update automatically after the IP address change. Any comments?

One more quick question - how will this affect WINS and what do I need to do, if anything, to get that moved over to the new server? If necessary, I will post a new question.

Thanks again
king daddyAuthor Commented:
however, I should have asked, since it is so easy to change the DNS server IP in DHCP and I only have about 8 machines with static addresses, and since I have a secondary that can offer DNS services to all machines in the network, should I just leave the IPs alone?

thanks again - just trying to avoid any BS over the weekend when doing this.
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